The Wild River Way

As a third-generation family farm, we believe in quality, nutrition, and sustainability, using natural fertilizers and avoiding harmful pesticides. We do this for the people who work with us — and for all who enjoy our fresh, delicious organic fruit!

Hear our Noland Family story and company mission, and meet Our Owl Friends!

Quality &
Food Safety

Our commitment to quality and food safety is unsurpassed.

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Trade &

Our business is built on solid trade partnerships and a multitude of distribution channels.

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Quality Products

Organic Citrus

Mandarin Oranges.
Seedless. Easy-to-peel.
Sweet & slightly tangy.

Organic Green Kiwifruit

Bold, sweet & tangy flavor.
Rich in vitamins & nutrients.
Vibrant green flesh.

Organic Plums

3 flavorful varieties.
Sweet-to-tart in taste.

Organic Pluots

Interspecific Mix.
12 unique varieties.


Sweet, tropical flavor.
Smooth, bronze skin.
Lighter flesh color.

Ranch Life

Team Wild River is dedicated to our company’s mission to deliver the best possible product. Our riverside farmland is also home and habitat to a variety of riparian wildlife and vegetation.

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"Buy Fresh, Buy Local"

Wild River supports the ‘Buy Fresh, Buy Local’ Campaign connecting local family farms directly with consumers in search of fresh, regionally-grown foods.

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Healthy Futures

Wild River is giving back to the future via Healthy Futures, our school nutrition program designed to improve the diet and health-awareness of our community’s youth.

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