Trade Partners

Wild River Marketing, Inc. is a CCOF-certified grower-packer-shipper-marketer of premium, California grown fresh fruit.  We’ve built our business on solid trade partnerships and are a member of the most credible and respected associations in the industry.  We strongly support local and national programs and campaigns that are aligned with our organization’s mission, focus and passion.

Trade Associations & Programs

California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)

In the mid-1990’s, Wild River Marketing, Inc. selected California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) as our Organic Certifier and partner.  CCOF has supported and promoted the organic agricultural movement through formal certification, education, and advocacy since 1973.  Together we believe that buying Certified Organic is a direct investment in the future of our planet and the health of its people.  We are working to ensure product quality and to educate consumers worldwide on the benefits of organic food.

Organic Trade Association (OTA)

Wild River Marketing, Inc. is an Associate Member of Organic Trade Association (OTA), the membership-based association for the organic industry in North America.  OTA’s mission is to promote and protect organic trade to benefit the environment, farmers, the public, and the economy.  The Association represents businesses across the organic supply chain and addresses all things organic.  OTA is a key player in shaping both the regulatory and market environment for organic products.

'Buy Fresh, Buy Local' Campaign

Wild River Marketing proudly supports the ‘Buy Fresh, Buy Local’ Campaign connecting family farmers directly with local consumers in search of fresh, locally grown produce.  In Northern California, our program is managed by Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that advocates for California’s family farmers and sustainable agriculture.

Produce Marketing Association (PMA)

Wild River Marketing, Inc. is a member of Produce Marketing Association (PMA), our industry’s premier marketing association.  PMA represents organizations from every segment of the global fresh produce and floral supply chain.  They are the host of the produce industry’s largest annual trade show, Fresh Summit.  Wild River enjoyed being a first-time exhibitor at this year’s event in Anaheim, California.


3rd Party Food Safety Auditor

NSF International

Wild River Marketing, Inc. has contracted with the leading U.S. Food Safety & Quality certification body, NSF International (NSF®), to provide certification, laboratory testing, training & education, auditing, and regulatory compliance for our farming operation.  Known as The Most Trusted Name in Food SafetyTM NSF has been helping businesses in agriculture navigate the food safety and regulatory environment for nearly 70 years.