Ranch Life at Wild River

50 Years

The Noland Family has been a proud employer in Yuba County, California, for over 50 years.


Team Wild River is dedicated to our company’s mission to deliver the best possible product.  Our crew members – from the field, to the packing house, to the loading dock – work tirelessly to ensure premium quality.  Our Management Team includes trade experts in all operational and administrative areas of the business.  And our President, Mike Noland, is an experienced industry veteran whose vision for this land, originally owned by his father, has been tailored over the course of thirty years.  An active member of California’s Kiwifruit Administrative Committee,  Mike is a true pioneer of his trade.  Together, Team Wild River’s goal is to provide a delicious, healthy product for you and your family to enjoy.

Meet The Crew

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Wild River Marketing, Inc. is in compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657) on human trafficking and slavery.  Our company maintains strict internal accountability standards and requires direct supplier audits to mitigate risks within our supply chain.

Wildlife & Riparian Habitat

Our farmland along the Yuba River is also home and habitat to a variety of riparian wildlife and vegetation.  We feel we have a responsibility to preserve and protect these native areas and make every effort to do so.

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Bird Boxes

Bird boxes can be found near our fields, providing homes for barn owls which help us sustainably control mammal pest populations (i.e. gophers).

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We rely on native pollinators for the pollination of our orchards and vineyards. However, honey bee boxes are also strategically placed in the field during bloom to ensure that the flowers set healthy, well-formed fruit.

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Gold Kiwifruit Canopy

Our Gold Kiwifruit vineyard is protected by a large canopy which has been specially designed to shield the vines from heavy sun exposure and the elements.

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Wind Breaks

Wind breaks have been strategically placed in the field to reduce the potential for fruit damage due to high-speed winds.

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