Meet Our Owl Friends!




Wild owls live on our Wild River organic farm in special owl-box homes we build for them! We grow fruit organically — and our owls help keep pesky pests away, without poisons or traps. It’s just one of the many ways our family works with Mother Nature — to bring fresh, delicious, healthy kiwifruit to yours!



Do YOU want to eat fresh and healthy? Then look for “Our Owl Friends” on your grocery store shelf!







“The Wild River Way” is a philosophy where less can be more. It’s where healthy living and nutrition is held in equal regard as environment and nature. It’s where our people, the land, and our resources are valued and looked after, not treated like disposable parts.


As a third-generation family farm, we believe in quality, nutrition, and sustainability, using natural fertilizers and avoiding harmful pesticides. We strive for reduced packaging and reduced waste.



We do this for the environment and for the people who work with us — and for all who enjoy our fresh, delicious, organic fruit! That’s our long-term commitment to the Wild River Way.