"Food Love Project"

Wild River Marketing is a proud farm partner and contributor to Sierra Harvest’s Food Love Project, an educational farm devoted to promoting nutrition education, food security, and community involvement in growing, harvesting, eating and celebrating fresh food in Nevada County, California.  The farm hosts experiential field trips, service projects, U-pick fruits and vegetables, and workdays for a variety of community organizations.


For local youth, Wild River supports Sierra Harvest’s Farm to School program which connects area schools with local farms.  The intiative reaches over 5,000 students and approximately 82% of the K-8 population in Western Nevada County, California.  Farm to School program activities and initiatives include farm field trips, school produce stands, classroom visits by chefs and farmers, and monthly tastings of seasonal produce in over 200 classrooms.


Wild River is also a sponsor of the New Generation Educational Farm which engages students in cultivating, tending, and selling vibrant, nutritious foods to schools.  The two-acre farm serves as an outdoor classroom to teach science, math, literacy, and social skills through gardening and culinary activities.  This learning lab builds on each student’s knowledge base from year-to-year, culminating in a generation fully-equipped to envision and create an equitable, local, sustainable food system from seed to plate.


Our shared mission with Sierra Harvest is to help facilitate and support the connection between school-age kids and the local farming community.  Our hope is that youth will gain enthusiasm for fresh fruits and vegetables, an appreciation for the natural world, curiosity about farming as a career, empowerment through knowledge about where their food comes from, and a sense of purpose by participating in meaningful work.  Wild River appreciates the opportunity to share our passion, educate future consumers, and introduce our local youth to the wonders of farming.


For more information or to get involved, please visit SierraHarvest.org