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Wild River™ offers a diverse selection of products and varieties throughout different seasons of the year.

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Wild River's Distribution

Wild River Marketing is a proud grower and distributor of premium California fruit.  From certified farmers’ markets and local cooperatives to international wholesalers and grocers, the Wild River™ label can be found across the United States and abroad.


Export Sales

Wild River Marketing is able to export internationally with specialized packing styles that ensure safe worldwide shipping of our premium produce.  We currently have global distribution that extends from North America to Asia.  Please contact the Wild River Sales Team for pricing and information.

Domestic Sales

Wild River Marketing partners with many fine retailers and brand distributors locally and across the United States.  Our broad domestic distribution stretches from coast-to-coast.  You can find Wild River™ label fruit in the following stores or have it delivered to your doorstep via Farm Fresh To You or Talley Farms Fresh Harvest (California only).

Retail Distributors

Brand Distributors

"Buy Fresh, Buy Local"

Wild River Marketing is a strong supporter of the “Buy Fresh, Buy Local” campaign.  Agriculture has become the most dominant industry in California, made possible in part by local support of family farms.  We proudly serve our local communities with fresh fruit distributed via certified farmers’ markets and cooperatives.

Farmer's Markets (Northern California)

Distribution - Farmers Market LogoWild River™ premium fresh fruit can be found at year-round and seasonal farmers’ markets and community festivals in Northern California.  Our Fall-Winter market stand offers Gold Kiwifruit and Organic Green Kiwifruit.  Our Spring-Summer stone fruit stand offers a mixed variety of Organic Plums and Organic Pluots.


Wild River Marketing, Inc. is a CDFA Certified Producer for the farmers’ markets listed below:


Local Community

Marysville Peach Fest Stand 394x246

Wild River embraces the community in which we have been farming for over 50 years.


We enjoy supporting neighborhood festivals and events like the Annual Marysville Peach Festival!